Introducing The LX Club
The LX Club was formed in 1995 to provide a vehicle to select the best players of over 60 years of age to compete in matches and tournaments of a national representative nature with similar teams from other countries and to develop fixtures with other super veterans teams in the UK. The LX Club now offers LX members the opportunity to participate in matches against Club Veteran sides, UK short tours, weekend events, regular games amongst LX members, as well as overseas tournaments, tours and matches.

This site holds a brief history of the LX Club and recent club news including a report of the last AGM. There is also a section on the social scene which focuses on the social side of club events and encourages at all times the inclusion of members wives and partners. In addition there is information on the range of club kit available with order form that can be completed and sent off. Finally click (under Documents) on Club Newsletters which are produced periodically and sent out by email.
Our Teams
Team Information outlines the system followed for recording availability & team selection involving match managers. The duties of a match manager are also outlined.
Fixtures are at the heart of this website which holds details of fixtures for the forthcoming season together with the respective match manager. It also provides links to team/squad selection where known and after matches to results, reports and often some photographs. Members are strongly advised to look at this website regularly for updated information and to let the Team Secretary know of their availability. (although the Club produces a hard copy of the fixture list annually, the fixtures are as noted updated, changed and added to during the year through this website)
Contact Us
Contact lists the club officers and gives details of how to contact the club details of membership and links to associated bodies

Latest News
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