LX CLUB at Bowden

7th July 2012

LX Reds Over 60’s v the North Select. [Score,  LX 0   North Select 3]

This was the first time many of the LX Reds Over 60’s selected for the Oxford World Cup had played together. Thorough preparation by the Captain David Ewing ensured all team members knew of the approach to play but, as with all new teams, there were the inevitable teething problems.
Playing against an enthusiastic, young and fit side the LX immediately found themselves under pressure. The commitment of all players could not be faulted but playing against a four man midfield the Reds were often put under pressure. The defence held out well, with Martin Ferrett in goal having an excellent game. Nevertheless a couple of defensive mistakes were capitalised on by the opposition and the Reds found themselves 2 -0 down.
A few short corners were earned by the LX attack but few scoring chances were created in open play.  A challenging game saw the Reds concede another goal, finally losing by three goals to nil.
The Reds may have lost but it was an excellent game in preparation for Oxford. The skills of the players were examined as was their commitment under the hot summer sun. Areas for improvement were identified and adopted in the following training matches.
The match was followed by a splendid dinner at the Bowdon clubhouse organised by Match Manager and LX Reds team member, Martin Ferrett. Thanks are also due to Martin for a successful event.

Oz Harris

Sunday, 8th August 2012.

LX REDs  v  DEESIDE RAMBLERS.  Score LX 2   Deeside Ramblers 3

After a typically convivial LX evening at Bowdon Clubhouse, it was the Reds who had the early start down to rural Cheshire, and Deeside Ramblers, again to face a younger, bigger and fitter opposition. The banter with their centre forwards, Rhino and Psycho, can be easily imagined!
Before we started, skipper David Ewing had stern words following the 3 – 0 loss at Bowdon: he was not happy: conceding goals is not part of LX Reds hockey. In typical Yorkshire fashion a change of tactics was required. Two forwards, four in midfield, and the back line to mark more tightly became the pattern for the match and for the World Cup.

The opening minutes saw the Reds playing more as a team than the day before, and looking bright. Unfortunately, that did not prevent two goals being conceded in the first 15 minutes. Ramblers played a similar line up, but their pace saw them able to get numbers in and around the Reds circle, their midfield coming through strongly. For the first goal they simply made their physical presence in the circle count. For the second, they took advantage of the LX defenders being over-enthusiastic in joining the attack, and catching the Reds short-handed on the break.
Before half-time a third goal was scored by the Ramblers. An overhead pass thrown into space, missing out the midfield, led to the hard running Ramblers attack stretching the Red’s defenders again. Martin Ferrett was not able to repeat his heroics in goal from the day before.

Despite being three goals adrift at half-time the Reds were encouraged by Manager Mike Patton saying there was much improvement from the Bowdon game and the opposition described Parmjit Bolina as “unorthodox but damned effective”. So, as the second half progressed it seemed to be the younger Ramblers who suffered more from the midday heat. True, they missed opportunities to go further ahead, as a result of wayward shooting, but increasingly the pressure was coming more from the Reds. Paj Singh in particular took advantage of seemingly having no-one to mark, and was coming through from left defence to add further support in midfield.

The added pressure paid off. Firstly, it was persistence at a penalty corner that saw David Sheridan’s involvement lead to a penalty stroke, emphatically scored by Brian Hopkins.

The Reds were encouraged and pressure led to more penalty corners and eventually success when Pami Bolina followed up a shot. Despite the keeper lying down, Pami managed to achieve the impossible and force the ball under him. Although it was too late to get an equalizer the Reds had some satisfaction at winning the second half, and looking more of an improved unit having corrected some of the deficiencies of the previous day. After the match the Ramblers hosted an enjoyable lunch.

Chris Perry