LX CLUB  Intra Club Game

Felsted  23 January 23rd 2012

Whites 3 – Reds 1

We had an excellent competitive game on a fine but windy afternoon in the Essex countryside afterwards enjoying  refreshments in The Chequers.

Teams were:
Dave Gill, Rod Cochrane, Graham George, Mike Gayle, Imty Mahmood-Sheikh, Gerald Wilkinson (Capt), Nigel Steed, Bill Greenwood, Roger Girling, Henrick Kyellin, and Alan Dures(GK) (sub Mike Surridge)
Bob Grenside, David Brampton, Graham Martin, Mick O’Malley, Richard Clarke (Capt), Norman Ballard, Terry Howlett, David Young, Malcolm Kemble, David G Read, and Chris Wildee (GK)

The game was evenly contested with the first half looking like ending as a goalless draw when after a run by Imty, David Gill flicked into the corner of the net for a  1-0 lead for the Whites at half time.

Early in the second half Imty scored with a fine shot from the edge of the circle. Not to be outdone norman Ballard responded for the reds with a hard shot. The scoring was rounded off with a goal from a narrow angle by Rod Cochrane making the game safe for the Whites at 3-1.

There were some interesting tussles on the pitch especially between Malcolm Kemble and Gerald Wilkinson. I thought the defences on both sides played well, with Roger Girling probably being the pick of the bunch. Richard Clarke will tell anyone prepared to listen that the sides were weighted in White’s favour. I had done my best to match them evenly but the late inclusion of Imty could have had a bearing!!!

Mike Surridge