Sunday 3rd June 2012 

‘Both Clubs Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Occasion in Sunny Hampshire’

 Result: Havant 1  LX Club 3

Despite the gloomy predictions of the weather forecasters, resulting in players anticipating a game with wet shirts, the sun shone bright with blue skies. Brian Tubb, as LX Club Captain, gave an experienced and focussed team talk, and the LX team settled down rather more quickly than usual.  This probably contributed to an early goal for LX, with Austyn Leaverland weaving past two Havant players to hit the ball across the circle for Keith Hunt to score yet another one of his ‘poacher’ goals near the Havant right goal post. An injury then occurred to Ken Veness (LX’s umpire) when a shot from a Havant forward was hit in his direction, whilst Ken was close to the goal closely watching a melee in the circle, following a penalty corner for Havant. Then the ubiquitous John Longden, playing at left back, received a very painful blow to the side of his chest, and had to leave the pitch, with Match Manager Peter Ross coming on to a reorganised team.  However, the LX midfield of Brian Tubb, Austyn Leaverland, with Gordon Small dropping back, continued to supply good distribution to the forwards of Zahid Arain, Pami Bolina and the ‘evergreen’ John Davey on his third comeback (it was great to see him playing again), who continued to stretch the Havant defence.

After half-time and playing up the slope, LX went 2-0 up, with Zahid Arain’s strong running, enabling Gordon Small to score.   Havant then reorganised their team by putting Nigel Guppy up front, therefore increasing pressure on the LX defence in which Alan Jackson excelled with his skilful stick play. Colin Kimber had an excellent game in goal, but had no chance to save the deflected shot off a LX defender’s stick, to make the score 2-1. However, this served as a wake-up call to LX, and the interchanging LX forwards responded with precision interplay (short sharp passes, minimal dribbling), resulting in Gordon Small slotting home another goal despite Bernie Harverson’s skilful efforts in the opposition’s goal. This was the eventual winner for LX Club at 3-1. Havant Cavaliers laid on their usual high quality hospitality at the Havant Clubhouse.  Many thanks go to June Christie for the excellent meal, which she prepared single-handed (expect Bruce lent a hand!).

John Davey, on behalf of the LX Club, gave a warm round of thanks to Havant for getting a team out on this Jubilee Celebration day.  In particular he mentioned June and Bruce Christie, plus the two umpires, Ken Veness (LX) and Colin Herbert (Havant) for their excellent game management.  Bruce Christie responded for Havant, and stating that the Cavaliers are looking forward to the next game against LX in December. Finally, very special thanks go to Peter and Anthea Ross, who managed and contributed as always to this very successful and enjoyable fixture, which on this date was for them also a very special day.

The LX Club Diamond Jubilee Team:- Colin Kimber, Alan Jackson, John Longden, Austyn Leaverland, Brian Tubb (Captain), David Read, Gordon Small, Zahid Arain, John Davey, Pami Bolina, Peter Ross, Keith Hunt.

Umpires:- Ken Veness (LX), Colin Herbert (Havant).

Match Report:- David G. Read