LX Red  v   ISCA

25th November 2012

at Exeter University

Score 2 - 4

Heavy and persistent rainfall and ground saturated since June, meant that most of Devon was floating as LX Reds arrived at Dawlish Warren for a celebratory World Cup dinner and jazz evening, arranged by Bill Goodridge!  On Sunday morning, as Exeter hit the news headlines due to flooding devastation, the location of the university pitches at the top of a hill meant the game against a youthful Isca team could go ahead.

Ten of the World Cup LX Over 60’s squad were bolstered by the England captains Brian Perryman and Alan Muller. Unfortunately during the warm up Alan injured an Achilles tendon and was unable to play. Brian Perryman however, was outstanding and dominated the central midfield area. An even start to the game was broken as the Reds captain David Ewing was robbed of the ball as he dribbled out of defence. The Isca forwards quickly capitalised on the captain’s misjudgement, by winning possession and converting a goal. As LX attempted to get back into the game more pressure was applied to the Isca defence but quick breaks and accurate shooting by the opponents kept LX at bay. Goalkeeper Martin Ferrett, had an outstanding game covering for a leaky defence that had not conceded at Oxford until gold was won. However, LX unfortunately conceded a further two goals in the first half. The first came as Martin Ferrett made a spectacular stick save about six meters off his goal line but the save was judged to be with the back of his stick. In spite of a conversation with the umpire a penalty flick was awarded and converted. A third goal was awarded despite the ball travelling well above backboard height from a short corner. The attacking efforts of Brian Hopkins and Pami Bolina, were well supported by David Sheridan, but LX was unable to get the ball past Bill Goodridge in the Isca goal.

Changes were made to the pattern of play in the second half and LX dominated. Geoff Lucas and John Grinham at left and right midfield supported Perryman and the forward line well. Hopkins and Sheridan on the wings penetrated the Isca defence and supplied good passes to Bolina. LX recovered a goal after a suspicious penalty was awarded and then converted by Hopkins. In defence Mark Watson, Brian Stokes and Chris Perry played well and kept Isca contained until they were able to convert on a rare quick break in the second half, to lead 4-1, against the run of play. LX continued to improve as Stokes took on a more attacking role on the right as the Isca players began to tire. Pami Bolina was able to convert another goal as LX attacked down the left but the final score line reflected the incisiveness of the Isca strikers and the rustiness of the Reds.

The teams retired to the Isca clubhouse and enjoyed a lunch provided Mike Harris and his helpers. The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable and augurs well for the Isca centenary celebrations in June 2013, to which LX is invited.

Match Report: David Ewing