LX CLUB  v  Pistons HC

Thursday 12th July 2012

LX played an evening match at Southgate Hockey Centre, Trent Park on Thursday 12th July against Pistons HC on the new water based pitch (laid down this May 2012).

There was an interesting start to this match in that LX had no obvious wingers, probably not unusual, but on this occasion because David Gill and Gerald Wilkinson were in a queue on the M25 between Enfield and Potters Bar (junction 25 to 24).  We decided to play with nine men expecting their appearance very soon.  When these wingers got to the pitch LX had been holding their own with good possession.  The opposition had not realised that we were two short, now they had to compete against a full team.

The match was fairly evenly balanced with opportunities at each end.  Pistons converted one when a crossed ball was lifted over Alan Dures in goal by his left post.  In the second half LX won three short corners, scoring from the first, David gill injecting a fast ball to Nigel Spencer-Knott whose shot struck the top of the back board to the left of the goal keeper.  The second short corner was also well injected and on being stopped at the top of the D was moved to inside left David Sheridan whose powerful shot was stopped on the line by Piston John Wilmott’s foot.  Unfortunately David Gill’s penalty stroke was saved by Piston Nigel Dixon (also LX).  Pistons managed to score two further goals from the top of the D in the last quarter and so won the game 3 – 1.

This was an excellent game and played in the spirit both teams would be proud of and a splendid introduction to new LX members David Sheridan and Phil Hutley as well as potential new member Sean Lance.

Refreshments were enjoyed later with a slight over collection of 80 to be forwarded to LX funds.

Umpire: Parmodh Sharma (LX) and Piston Liam Williams.

Team: Alan Dures, Sean Lance, David Wright, Nigel Spencer-Knott, Phil Hutley, Gilbert Grace, Gerald Wilkinson, Richard Clarke, Graham George, David Sheridan, David Gill.   Sean Lance of Richmond HC was invited to play in his usual club position, he awaits membership approval.