4th Grand Masters European Hockey Cup

held at Beerschot Hockey Club, Antwerp, Belgium

18th to 23rd August 2013

>Report of England GGM

>Report & Photo of England SGM

>Report & Photo LX Red Over 60s

>Report of LX Red Over 65s

>Report & Photo of LX Over 70s

Running Report

Day 1, 18th August 2013.

England SGM were the only English Team in action today. They played against their arch rivals Germany and recorded a win 2 – 0. Their first goal was possibly what might become the goal of the Tournament where Adrian Stephenson moved left in the ‘D’ and from a very fine angle hit the ball very hard into the top of the net. (from the back of the field it looked as if the ball must have gone through the side netting). The second goal was also a very good goal struck by Rod Cockrane on his reverse stick entering the net about mid height. The third possible goal was missed when the England penalty taker seemed to be trying to emulate Jonny Wilkinson and the ball sailed several metres over the goal.

Day 2, 19th August 2013

First in action were England GM against Italy where they overwhelmed Italy 2-0. Italy put up a good defensive play and their goalkeeper played well. England GGM then played Scotland and easily won 8-0. Later in the day England SGM played Holland and won 2-0. Surprise surprise though was that both goals were scored from short corners, an achievement that has eluded England SGM for a number of games now.

In the Tournament Trophy competition LX White over 65s played Holland and unfortunately lost 0-3. LX over60s next played Southern Cross and battled through to win 2-1 and then LX Red over 65s also played Southern Cross over 65s and won 4-0. Towards the end of the day LX over 70s played Holland and won 1-0.

After these games a number of players went to the Eurohockey Tournament at nearby Braxgata and watched England play Holland which England unfortunately lost 1-2. It was a game of two halves in that for the first half Holland were clearly the most dominant and went 2-0 up but in the second half the match was much more even and England pulled one back

Day 3, 20th August 2013

First game was England GGM against Wales which England won 5-0. Next was England GM versus Wales which England just managed to win 1-0. England SGM having played on 2 consecutive days had today off.

In the Tournament Trophy LX over 60s played Welsh Dragons and won 5-0; LX Red over 65s played Belgium and won 4-0; LX over 70s played Alliance and won 2-0 and lastly LX White over 65s played Alliance and drew 3-3

Day 4, Wednesday 21st August 2013

Briefly England GN beat Belgium 7-0; England SGM beat Germany 2-1 and England GGM beat Italy 8-0

At the Tournament Trophy LX 60s beat Alliance 2-1;  LX 65s Red beat Alliance 6-0; LX 65s White drew with Southern Cross 1-1

Day 5, Thursday 22nd August 2013

The Tournament has reached a fairly critical stage and from an England viewpoint Holland seem to figure frequently in the equation.

England SGM took on Holland and managed to scrap a win 1-0. This means that England take an unassailable lead having won all four of their matches.

England GGM also played Holland and really had to win to remain in the hunt but unfortunately lost 0-2.

England GM as the runners up in their group took on the winners Germany of the other group and won 6-1. England therefore go into the final tomorrow against Holland who also won their play off.

In the Tournament Trophy LX 60s lost to Holland 0-1; LX 65s Red beat Holland 6-0; LX 70s beat Holland 1-0 and LX 65s  White drew with Belgium 2-2.

Last Day 6, Friday 23rd August 2013

The final day when it becomes clear who are the winners and losers.

England SGM had already played their four games and won them all so were the clear winners of their age group and won Gold. England GGM played Germany and drew 2-2 meaning they gained Silver. England GM played Holland in their final and won convincingly 4-0 to gain Gold.

In the Tournament Trophy England LX 60s played Germany and won 5-0 and thus kept in the Silver position; LX Red 65s played LX White 65s and won 5-0 consolidating their top spot position and LX 70s drew with the  Alliance which was sufficient for them to retain top spot.