The Third Olton Intra Club Day was held on 24th April 2013

Although Graham and Jenny George had parked their Motorhome in a great viewing position for the ladies, just as they had done last year, the weather  thankfully stayed reasonably fair this year, and a few warming drinks for our admirers sufficed.

With only one pitch, and with 37 players attending, the successful formula from 2012 was again adopted. 3 carefully balanced Teams, and 3 "halves" of 40 minutes each, gave everyone at least the statutory 70 minutes hockey. With players travelling from the 4 corners of the UK, a full game for everyone was important. If we open it up internationally next year, then the format will be reviewed !!

The standard of hockey was really first class. 37 superfit individuals, each at the very top of their game, and their reward for a strict fitness regime through another rigorous winter season. At times like this, I feel local schools should be invited as spectators, to see what an inspiration over 60's, and in many cases , over 70's can be. Another idea for next year too.

There were so many memorable moments on the pitch, that I couldn't possibly do justice here, other than mentioning the stamina, trickery, good sporting behaviour and courage of every single one of them.

The players included 5 Midlands non LXers, giving them an opportunity to be involved, and for LX to see them, and vice versa.

A "gourmet" meal followed.

Graham Martin gave the vote of thanks to yours truly.

Many thanks to (1) All those who travelled so far to support the day. Wouldn't have been as successful if it had just been Brenda and myself .(2) Brian Perryman and Brian Stokes for "volunteering" to captain 2 of the sides. (3)

 Bill Greenwood and Ian Marsh who did such a splendid marathon umpiring job  (4) The 9 ladies, who brought some glamour to the proceedings.

Trevor Denison