LX Club v  Norfolk Masters

14 July at Taverham , Norfolk

Norfolk Masters  2    LX Club 4

Once upon a time in a faraway land , known locally as Norfolk, an intrepid group of LXers took on the might of that province. Called to arms on one of the hottest days of the year by LXer Wildee to this previously unexplored region, the LX team boasted an element of local knowledge by the inclusion of the 3 G's, Messrs Gale , Grinham and Girling all hailing from Norfolk's arch rivals across the border, Suffolk.

The extent of the task ahead however soon became apparent as Norfolk Masters grabbed an early advantage when David Woodward bagged an early goal.

International secretary Purshouse, disappointed not to have had his passport stamped at the border post, led the recovery charge with a splendid demonstration of wiggling and wriggling his way down the wing past the open mouthed , drooling WAGs and crossing into the D. There waiting patiently at the far post was the nonchalant Denison , posing for the next Hamlet advert , ready to equalise.

Driven forward by Cap'n Ewing (well, Norfolk is home of Bird's Eye!), control of the important centre ground was gradually being secured by the expertise of Slater, the elegance of Spencer Knott and the aforementioned Girling. Keen to join in the battle and make his presence felt, Imtiaz Sheik deftly slipped a short corner left to that man Denison (aka one 'n' ) who took time out from his posturing for the cameras to gleefully smack the ball into the back of the net to secure a half time lead and with it a welcome dose of water.

The second half brought no let up and a penalty flick duly converted by Peter Dalton brought the scores level. Defenders started to impose their influence, with a couple of exocets released by German Singh almost bringing results and John Grinham on the other flank, at one stage sending the entire crowd the wrong way with a body swerve. Chances came and went and following good work by Richard Slater the ball was worked through to, yes, you've guessed it, Trevor Denison , to net.

Seemingly , now in control, the lead was made more comfortable when a long clearance found ace marksman Denison in space on the edge of the D to duly finish with aplomb.

Triumphant in the changing room, the 4-2 win was celebrated in style with Mike Gale modelling his latest Tesco collection. As to Gunner Denison, he travelled back to the serenity of Solihull, across palm covered streets and a civic reception, and the welcoming arms of his beloved Brenda, once more a hero.

All in all, an excellent day and what will hopefully become a regular fixture , particularly now that the freedom of Taverham has been secured for keeper Wildee.