Sunday 20th October 2013

Exeter University

‘Excellent 1-1 draw for LX Club Team’

Following the torrential downpour, including lightning and thunder, which the LX Red Team experienced while playing Isca 50s+ earlier in the day, the LX Club side welcomed a sudden change in the weather, with sun and a blue sky.

The spirits of the LX Club side were enhanced with the extra support from some players of the Red Team, therefore making up a balanced squad.  LX very quickly took the game to a strong WCS team, well organised by Captain David Bain (also LX).  The game was played at high tempo, and Paddy Maher, in goal for WCS, made some excellent saves from John Smith, Zahid Arain and Graham Martin, the latter who made the long journey down from Rugby.  LX’s midfield integrated well, and it was no surprise when Peter Whitby playing left midfield scored with a spectacular strike from the top left of the circle.  Following a penalty corner to WCS, Sudesh Nayar, at left back positioned between the posts, pulled off the save of the game, when he deflected away, perfectly legitimately, a high shot which was goal bound.

After half time, the game continued at a highly skilful level, and John Tripp, playing at right midfield, made some excellent interceptions and tackles, and runs down the wing.  Later in the second period WCS picked up their play, and the LX defence unfortunately relaxed, when a hard struck cross went across the LX circle and seemed to be going out of play.  However, Martin Palmer (Westbury and United Banks Bristol) did not give up; he collected the ball, and slid a precision shot from a very narrow angle into LX’s goal, making the final score a 1-1 draw.

The teams and supporters then adjourned to Isca’s Clubhouse, where an excellent meal was produced, along with free beer served by ‘mine host’ Winston Bower, who was in fine form.

Thanks were made to Isca for their kind hospitality, especially for the two course meal prepared by Mike Harris, and assisted by his wife Gill, and Catherine Goodridge.  All the umpires involved in both games were warmly thanked, especially the superb skills of Bill Goodridge and Bob Whitell, who officiated in the LX/WCS game, and last but not least, the travelling supporters.

Team: Colin Kimber, Gavin Stone, Colin Pinks, David Read (Captain), Mark Watson, Sudesh Nayar, John Tripp, Brian Perryman, Peter Whitby, Graham Martin, John Smith, Zahid Arain, Pami Bolina, Paj Singh (the latter four players all kindly volunteered to augment the LX Club squad after playing for the Red team).

Umpires:  Bill Goodridge and Bob Whitell (Isca HC)

Match Report:  David G Read