Sunday 9th February 2014

‘Scholarly Performance in the Cold’

Result:  Reds 2 – Whites 3

A hardy bunch of LXers mainly the East, with a sprinkling of players from the South, Shropshire and the North, gathered at the Chequers hostelry from 12pm for the pre-match gathering at Felsted School and pitches set in excellent surroundings.  Despite the cold wind, the sun actually shone for the first time in weeks, with no sign of rain.

Mike Surridge (Match Manager) had split the playing time into three periods of 25 minutes, and with 26 players available, the two team managers ensured quick substitutions.  The first third was played at high tempo, and good hockey played with skilful running by the forwards into spaces against well organised defences.

During the second session Whites, captained by Chris Blake, started to slightly dominate the play after the switch of ends.  Eventually Rob Oakley scored with a cracking shot after a penalty corner was worked to the right of the circle.  Whites were also assisted by having David Sheridan in their side at this time, both Captains agreeing to ‘share’ him!  A second goal came from an unfortunate deflection by a defender past Chris Wildee in the Reds goal, who had little opportunity to make a save.

In the third session, Whites pushed on to a 3-0 lead, when Rod Cochrane from a left wing position rifled in a goal from a narrow angle.  With a low setting sun behind him the hard working Steve Seymour (Lincoln) intercepted a pass and scored with ease for Reds.  Almost immediately a penalty corner was awarded to Reds, well worked to the left, and David Sheridan, back to playing for Reds, scored with an unstoppable shot to make the score 3-2.

Whites then had an uncomfortable five minutes to the finish, but just ran out 3-2 winners in an excellent game, which it seemed was enjoyed by all the players, and hopefully by the Umpires, Team Managers and gallant supporters who endured the cold.  

Everyone then adjoined to the ‘Chequers’, where an excellent meal, supplied by the Landlady Wendy Barker, ensured an enjoyable LX Club gathering.  Many thanks were given to Mike Surridge, Match Manager, who organised the fixture for the fourth time, also the Umpires who did a sterling job in the cold, plus the stalwart supporters.

Red team:- Chris Wildee (GK), Bob Jamieson, Nigel Steed, David Young, Roger Girling (Captain), Mick O’Malley, Mike Gale, Steve Seymour, Graham Ramsden (Ipswich & East Suffolk), Gerald Wilkinson, Adrian Stephenson, David Sheridan, Mike Sprange, David Brampton.  Team Manager:- John Oakshatt

White Team:- Mike Armsworth (GK, Phoenix HC, Essex), Andy Holden, David Read, Chris Blake (Captain), Bill Greenwood, Chris Perry, Gilbert Grace, Norman Ballard, John Grinham, Rob Oakley, (David Sheridan), Eugene Murphy, Mike Surridge.  Team Manager:- Alan Dures

Umpires:- Frank Lockhart (Essex CHUA and LX umpire) and Peter Halliday (Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire CHUA and  LX Club umpire).

Match Report:- David Read