at OLHC on  Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Following a successful LX debut interclub game in February 2013 David Read asked that the fixture be moved this year "to get some games after the Hague competitions". A new date was agreed but we couldn't have known what a very hot day it was going to be. For the first time I can remember the Captains Mike Surridge and John Maylam and the Umpires, evergreen Mr Frank Lockhart and Mr Neil Hutchinson from the OL's agreed to play four quarters to allow players to take on much needed water and the blue pitch was watered immediately before the game and again at the second interval. Perhaps it was the blue pitch but the combination of that the watering and bright sun made it feel like we were playing in a tropical rain forest!

However it was a close game and the final score of  2 - 1 to the Whitess was unimportant as everybody had enjoyed themselves and of course the food and drink afterwards. We even had a few guests to watch the action who sheltered under umbrellas from the sun, very continental. On departure it was agreed to keep a similar date next year, the February v July choice was unanimous. 

Special thanks to the bar and kitchen staff, Mike Surridge who acted as the selection guru, the Umpires, of course, and East goalkeeper Mo Umney who saved the day by agreeing to play at the very last moment. 

Thanks to everybody for coming to the OL's.

, Mike Surridge, David Gill, Nigel Spencer-Knott, Paul Woodward, Mike Sprange, Mark Watson, Mike Gale, Chris Blake, Cliff Peck and Peter Gurr and Mick Cocks from the OL's

Reds, John Maylem, Adrian Stevenson, John Flemming, Trevor Dennison, Terry Howlett, Ricky Danson, Mick O'Malley, Mo Umney and OL's Phil Wheater and Andy Gemmil

Match 'Manager' Mick O'Malley