at Abbeydale Park, Sheffield on  Thursday 23rd October 2014

The volunteers for the first midweek LX intra-club at Abbeydale Park, divided equally into LX North based players and others from South of Sheffield in what looked like reasonably balanced teams, with Roger Parr guesting in goal for the LX SOS. This gave some the opportunity of playing on the blue Olympic pitch before the international trials a few days later at Lee Valley.

The teams were generally composed of the more experienced LXers with the North's average age at 68 and the SOS's a nice round 70!

 As usual there was good weather in Sheffield and the first half was end to end with both defences largely on top. Richard Danson, Andy Holden and Roger Lomas kept the SOS forwards – including Brian Woolcott, Graham George and David Wilkinson, prompted by brother Gerald – at bay while at the other end David Young and Gurney White, with the aid of other less regular defenders Ray Jeff and Trevor Denison, kept the LX North forwards out, although both goalkeepers were called on to make a few last ditch saves.

 LX North took the lead with a well worked move down the right resulting in a cross from Paul Dallas being well converted by John Housham. John nearly doubled the lead but a brilliant recovery from Roger Parr in the SOS goal saved a certain goal.

 At half time there was obviously something in the LX SOS drinks and they dominated the first fifteen minutes. Their revised midfield of Ray Jeff, Nick Kennerley and Peter Danson set David Sheridan and Trevor Denison on the North defence, scoring two goals through a Trevor Denison strike and David Sheridan following up from a short corner. LX North recovered their poise and with John Ridings and Mike Patton keeping the SOS midfield a bit quieter, good moves involving Paul Dallas, Geoff Birkett, Ted Hayes and John Donnelly created a few short corners and one was converted by David Margerison to bring the scores level. Another follow up at a short corner resulted in John Donnelly volleying in on his reverse from the byline, much to his and everyone else's amazement. LX SOS came back and only a great save from Martin Ferrett stopped Adrian Stephenson from equalising.

 As the two-year age gap started to show, LX North piled on the pressure in the last ten minutes with crosses from David Margerison and Colin Pearce just failing to pick out those in the circle, but just before the final whistle John Housham scored from a solo run to make the final score 4-2 to LX North.

 It was a great match played in a good spirit and well umpired by North umpires Andy Roberts and Andy Stalker. There was a gap of 20 years between the youngest and oldest on the field but everyone did their bit – experience and nous often counted as much as youth and speed.

 We all sat down for traditional meat and potato pie , accompanied of course by Henderson's Relish of Jim Dowd fame. He was made to eat his words in the Commons after accusing the Steel City's most famous condiment of plagiarism. As one of the Arctic Monkeys once said, ‘like Worcestershire Sauce but a million times better’. Bottles are available from Roger Lomas for any new converts.